We are a family farming in the landscape of southern Maine. We began this farm as a blank slate. The land was relatively unfarmable in its original state, so since we bought the land we have spent a majority of our time and effort thinning forests, building fencing with the trees we cut down, and adding beds to grow our crops. The process has not been easy, and in no way have we reached our final goal of what the farm will look like, but we are proud of the progress we’ve made.

Since we have been the ones building out our farm, we’ve been able to ensure a regenerative system, that not only preserves the land, but improves it, and allows our animals to grow up happy and healthy. We treat our animals much like you treat your pets, with love, care, and respect for what the animal does and provides.

We like to say that none of our animals are seen as a number, each one is unique, and deserves its own unique care to ensure a high quality of life.

As our farm continues to grow we have begun partnering with other local Maine farmers to expand our product offering and get their high-quality meat and produce into your refrigerator! The name of our farm is born out of our mission to become the central place where you can get the Maine products you need from local Maine farmers!


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